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Here's what I think...

I believe very strongly that guys suck! Well most of them at least, or then again it could just be the ones I've met! If you haven't read my journal I should just tell you that every guy that has played any role in my life has betrayed me! Which has left me with major abandonment issues and the inability to trust anyone! And I've realized that because of that, I become very clingy with people I like which ends up pushing them away, but I have re-evaluated my life. Suddenly those guys who hurt me seem like nothing. I suddenly feel stronger, that they do not matter at all. Suddenly people are making me feel really good about myself, and it's made my way of life so much happier.

In my opinion personailty really is the most important characteristic of a person. Recently I've found myself becoming attracted to people I never would have considered going out with, but after getting to know them it's suddenly like: "Dam I wish you'd go out with me!" I mean I don't tell the people, because I think it really is more of an introspective thing. Everyone wants to think of themselves as a nice person who isn't vain, and up until recently I thought I was really shallow, but now it's different. I mean there are people I have known for some time and never gave a second thought to, but now that I see the person and not just the face/body.

I think this is really important to me, becasue I have learned that someone is either good looking or a good person and you rarley get both. It's seems to be a direct variation: The better looking someone is, the more likely they are to lie or cheat on you.

Which leads me to my next theory: Don's Laws of Dating
AKA "Why hot people should date ugly people"

This is rather hard to explain in text but I will try.

1. Hot people are hot because that's how they want to look.
2. If they make themselves look a certain way because it is important to them and that's what they think is attractive
3. Hence that is what they look for in other people.
4. So now all you hot people are looking for eachother, concentrating on looks.
5. No matter how hot you are, there will be someone more attractive, and when that person comes a long, you will most likely be brushed aside.
6. So that's where we come in, ugly people want a relationship too.
7. Eventually hot people will realize that week long relationships aren't enough, so where do they turn?
8. TO US! But why?
9. Well ugly people are most likely more desperate for a relationship.
10. They are going to want to do things to keep your interest in them.
11. And you won't have to worry about them being faithful, becasue odds are you're probably the hottest person they've ever gone out with!

OK yeah so I'm being sarcastic, but then again I'm not. If you think about it, it's all true. Maybe it's my desperation talking, but All I am saying, is give ugly a chance!

OK honestly I don't think of myself as ugly! In fact there are very few people I think are ugly, maybe it's just me but I think everyone has something beautiful about them. I mean I think every girl is beautiful, and most guys have something that makes them beautiful in their own way, even though most of the time those things of beauty are overshadowed by their bad points.

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.

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