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My creative side...

OK well anyone who knows me should know that I am very artistic! I like to express myself in a variety of ways mainly acting and writing. So my poems and pictures from plays I've been in will go here.

These are some pictures from "ADDICT" a play I directed my senior year at Chapin High School! Pictures courtesy of Matthew Keys

Me Onstage: Addict Monolgue

Theresa and Jacob Onstage: Addict-Michaelle and Art

Addict Curtain Call

Life of Darkness
-Don Cieslik

Sitting in a corner
Blinded by the darkness
Waiting for an order
To show my great finess

Destined to be all alone
No one else exists
Waiting here inside my home
Reciting with my lips

I hear the word and on I'm forced
Awaiting to be heard
Blinded by the darkness first
Now blinded by the light

Not allowed to be myself
Or show my own emotions
I walk over to the shelf
Awaiting the commotion

Others watch me with the delight
Not knowing what's to come
Hidden purposely by the light
I'm not allowed to see them

They laugh and giggle at my plight
Not who I really am
Put before them for a fight
In which I can't contend

I go about my orders
Doing what I have to do
Waiting to be murdered
In an unavoidable feud

I hear him coming
Into the room
His footsteps deafening
Fortelling of my doom

Not allowed to be afraid
He forces me to turn
He swears and cruses at my face
And yells at me with scorn

Too afraid to stay and talk
I try to walk away
And so he turns, his fist is locked
He lets it fly at me

Hitting me with fists of steel
I fall upon the floor
He says I don't care how you feel
You ungrateful little whore

Trying to get on my feet
He kicks me in my ribs
Ready to admit defeat
I beg him with my lips

You know I'd never lie to you!
I beg you, please believe me.
He stares at me with raging eyes
As I stagger to my feet

Tears now streaming down my face
I know now what's to come
He puts his arm behind his back
And returns it with a gun

He points the barrel at my head
Then lowers to my heart
He pulls the trigger and I'm shot
My vision slowly dimming

Everything in darkness now, I hear a thunderous roar
He reaches down and pulls me up, we both head for the door

I've died so many times now, and all from this one factor
My life of darkness is just so, because I am an actor.

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